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ASANA (poses) and PRANAYAMA (breathing)

Welcome to - a tranquil space in the heart of Hampstead Village promoting Peace and Relaxation through the Mindful practices of Yoga, Breathing, Meditation and Massage. Sharon Ioannou

Mindful Yoga

Mindful yoga is a joyful union of mind and body, it’s about learning to live a life of balance. Through the practices of ASANA (poses), PRANAYAMA (breathing), as well as RELAXATION and MEDITATION techniques, we can begin to explore our true nature and take what we learn on the yoga mat into our everyday lives.

Yoga - the experience
When we are MINDFUL we pay attention to what is happening in the MOMENT. Practising YOGA helps anchor us to the moment - by focussing on asana or breath, you pay attention to the feeling in your leg or arm, to the tension in your shoulder, to pain or resistance. We bring ourselves into the experience of the moment. Yoga practice teaches the body to release stress and tension which brings about a feeling of peace and calm. Mindfulness brings a deep awareness to the practice.

Never sacrifice the body for the glory of the pose
Yoga is not competitive, it allows the individual to work at their own pace within their own limitations. With MINDFUL awareness we become intuitive and respectful to our bodies’ needs and to enter our practice gently and with sensitivity.




Mindful yoga in practice
When we give our full attention to the action of the moment i.e. the yoga asanas and breath and we begin to feel the sensations and subtleties of the action, our minds become quieter. When we are not caught up in the thought process and where that takes us, our bodies begin to let go of tension and we begin to RELAX into the pose. It is when the body has achieved this feeling of relaxation that it can learn to be in a meditative state of mind. MINDFUL YOGA IS MEDITATION IN ACTION.

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